ParaDrop - Enabling Edge Computing at the Extreme Edge

ParaDrop is an open source edge computing platform developed by the WiNGS Lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We built the ParaDrop platform with WiFi routers, so that we can “paradrop” services from the cloud to the extreme wireless edge - just one hop from user’s mobile devices, data sources, and actuators of IoT applications. The name “ParaDrop” comes from the ability to “drop” supplies and resources (“services”) into the network edge.


The above figure gives a high level overview of ParaDrop, including the ParaDrop platform and two example applications. With the ParaDrop API, third-party applications can deploy services into the network edge - the WiFi routers. More information about the design and evolution of ParaDrop can be found in the paper.

Getting Started

Please visit the Quick Start page for a quick introduction about how to use ParaDrop.

Where to go from here?

We have document about ParaDrop application development found under Developing Applications. If you are interested in working on the development of the ParaDrop platform (our github code) then check out: How to Contribute.