Frequently Asked Questions

Please check here for issues or questions that commonly arise.

Issues with the hardware or operating system

Issue 1: Docker fails to start after a reboot

This can happen if either the file or the file was not properly cleaned up on system reboot, which causes the Docker daemon to conclude that it is already running.

To fix this, remove the pid file on the router and reboot.

sudo rm /var/snap/docker/current/run/
sudo rm /var/snap/docker/current/run/docker/libcontainerd/
sudo reboot

Occasionally Docker will crash and not restart properly even after a reboot. We find that disabling and re-enabling the service helps in such cases.

sudo snap disable docker
sudo snap enable docker

Issue 2: WiFi devices are not detected after a reboot

Occasionally, when routers start up the WiFi devices are not detected properly. When this happens the command iw dev will display nothing instead of the expected devices. This is usually remedied by rebooting. A global setting to reboot the router if WiFi devices are missing is available on the router settings page.