Source code for paradrop.plan_demo

This module is here purely to help with understanding the rather complex
execution plan in Paradrop.  Simply run it (python -m paradrop.plan_demo),
and it will walk through all of the functions that make up a chute creation
from __future__ import print_function

from paradrop.core.update.update_object import UpdateChute
from paradrop.core.plan import executionplan, plangraph

[docs]def loadPriorityMap(): """ Make a map of priority values back to their names for reference. These are defined as constant integer values in paradrop.backend.exc.plangraph. For example, for priority 9 (STRUCT_GET_SYSTEM_DEVICES), the dictionary produced by this function would contain the entry 9: "STRUCT_GET_SYSTEM_DEVICES". """ priomap = dict() for item in dir(plangraph): value = getattr(plangraph, item) if isinstance(value, int): priomap[value] = item return priomap
if __name__ == "__main__": priomap = loadPriorityMap() update = UpdateChute({ "updateClass": "CHUTE", "updateType": "create", "name": "test", "tok": 0 }) executionplan.generatePlans(update) executionplan.aggregatePlans(update) for prio, func, abort in update.plans.plans: print("Module: {}".format(func.func.__module__)) print("Function: {}".format(func.func.__name__)) print("Priority: {} ({})".format(priomap[prio], prio)) if func.func.__doc__ is None: print("\n Function has no docstring.\n") else: print(func.func.__doc__)